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I want to welcome you with all my heart and thank you for spending a few moments here with me. There are so many inspiring and encouraging Christian blogs written by Christian women doing their thing and doing it well. I don’t take it lightly that your here. Your time is precious, and darling friend I value it.

My name is Jennifer, but most people call me Jen. I am a Christian woman who loves God with all her heart, and knows Jesus as my Savior.

I want nothing more than to place God first in my life, and to glorify Him through my works. In a world filled with so much darkness we all need a little light. That my darling friend is why Letting His Light Shine was created. We all have His light within us, and in a world that can seem so very dark and heavy, I want mine to shine out and I want to encourage you to let yours shine too.

Grab your favorite beverage, coffee or maybe a glass of red wine and stay awhile. The About Me page will tell you little bit more about me, and you’ll find a wide variety of post, hopefully one or two will catch your eye. Whatever God lays on my heart is what I write about, honest, open and transparent…you get to see a little of my heart each time. I hope you come along with me into the unexpected, and leave each time a bit more inspired and encouraged in your walk with God.

I’d love to make a connection with you! Please subscribe, drop a comment or two, and follow along on Facebook and Pinterest.  Let’s shine our light together!


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